Tips to avoid Eye Fatigue when using a computer

  •  keep your distance vision

Being too close to the monitor does little harm to our eyes. We should keep the viewing distance to the monitor. The recommended distance is around 20-40 inches (50-100 cm) of the eye. If we still had trouble reading when the monitor is approximately 20 inches, try to enlarge the fonts until we are comfortable.

  • get rid of the CRT, switch to LCD

Tube monitor (CRT) does give a worse effect than the LCD, in addition to the energy required is also larger. Try replacing our CRT monitors with LCD. But the price of LCD monitors is indeed more expensive than CRT. For those of us who still love CRT monitor, it’s better if we buy anti-radiation filters. This is a solution to reduce the pain due to eyes linger in front of sit-down monitor, but with a low price.

  • adjust the monitor settings

Now some monitors currents provide pre-set display mode, to facilitate users to replace their display settings. Pre-set these settings give a different top-level brightnes, to adjust the conditions of use monitors.

  • use goggles anti radiation

Although it requires cost relatively more expensive, but it’s good when we have enough money to buy goggles anti-radiation. In addition could be taken wherever we work, these glasses are not only useful when we are working in front of the monitor, but also protect the eyes from the light bulbs, car tv, ultraviolet radiation and so forth. The fact that a layer of anti-radiation on the glasses, very useful for our eyes. Because overlay that automatically reduces the effects of pain in the eye due to an excess of light radiation.

  • rest the eyes for a moment, periodically

The easiest way to avoid tired eyes due to radiation monitor is rest our eyes periodically. Try to rest the eyes about 5 minutes each hour. We can use the time to 5 minutes for walk, see the sights, wash your face and so on. As long as we can get away from the monitor

  • blinking

Maybe you will laugh at it, it didn’t seem possible if using the computer until not blinking? However this often occurs without us even knowing especially when being engrossed playing a game or central concentrates on a job on the computer. Keep in mind that with flashing eye returned will be terlumasi by the liquid eyes. This will further lighten and relaxes the muscles around the eyes.

  •  take a look out the window

So that your eyes are not too tense stare long computer or laptop, it’s good once in a while You look out the window. This will help your eyes adjust Your viewing distance back. Cause, too see in close proximity loaf can cause Your long-distance vision ability is reduced.