The Traditional Way of Thinking

The traditional way of thinking is the number one enemy for a person who were interested in the success of the program personal creative. The traditional way of thinking will freeze your mind, hindering your progress, preventing you to develop creative force. Here is some way to fight the traditional way of thinking.

  • Be a person willing to accept the idea.

Welcome good idea. Destroy the mind of a barrier such as, “will not succeed,”  “No Workable,”  “this stupid actions,” and others.

  • Be someone who likes experimenting.

Go to new restaurants, buy a new book, get new friends, take a different route to work on a particular day, take a different type of vacation this year, and others. If you ‘re working at the distribution, developed the interest of others such as, production, finance, marketing, and another element in business.

  • Be progressive rather than regressive

Not “That is the way we used it , and we have to do it that way,” but “how could we do it better in a different way”.