The Earth , The Perfect Space Vehicles

Has it ever occurred to your mind that we are driving “a large spacecraft”? Where this spacecraft, we get on along with billions of human beings, animals and plants. Yes, this is it, Earth.

The Earth is not just a spacecraft beyond human as they are made. However, it is a “powerful vehicle” that has outstanding facilities. We can get everything we want for survival. Ranging from food, beverages, a wide variety of energy sources, air and the ideal atmosphere, and all kinds of facilities that allow us to make a life for thousands of years. Not even a single human creations that are as powerful as the vehicle and as perfectly as this.

Earth as a space vehicle was speeding in a universe with a very high speed. There is no man-made aircraft can match his speed. Even the spacecraft shuttle Challenger, Columbia, or Ariane. The average speed is only around 20,000 miles per hour. Did you know, how the speed of our Earth sped up in space? It’s about 107.000 km per hour! A very high speed. More than 5 times the speed of the aircraft shuttle man-made.

For what the earth move by very high speed? The Earth moves around the Sun at a distance of about 150.000.000 km. With such speed, the Earth could complete a full of Sun, all play in a year or 365,5 days. Why does the Earth have to revolve around the Sun? Why should move? Yes, if in the unlikely event the earth does not rotate around the Sun, the Earth has been long ago suffered death, why? because the Earth will be sucked towards the Sun. And then vanish in a ball of fire burned in giant.