The Dirtiest Thing That Often Held

  •  Money

According to Dr. Darlington of the Health Commissioner of New York, about 135,000 bacteria present on money, especially paper money.

  •  Cellular Phone

Cell phones are goods that could not get rid of our daily lives. The cell phone has become a favorite place for thousands of bacteria to settle. Bacteria like attached to the cell phone because the temperature is warm and suitable for its growth. To avoid it, now there is an anti-microbial coatings for mobile phone which can protect the mobile phone from the bacteria and reduce the risk of bacteria stuck to your face and hands.

  •  Sink

The kitchen is the dirtiest place among all the other parts of the House, moreover the sink. There are around 500.000 bacteria found in every inch the sink. To resolve it, try cleaning the sink with a half cup of baking soda and a half cup of vinegar. After that, don’t forget to flush with water to get the sink are clean and hygienic.

  •  The Light Switch

Usually the last person or the first entry in the room is the most often come into contact with the lamp. Bacteria are incredibly happy to live in an area that many touched by a lot of people. According to the experts in sanitation, every inch in the lights switch there are about 217 bacteria that can move from hand to hand.

  •  Computer Keyboard

A study in the United Kingdom ever mention that bacteria on computer keyboard more than bacteria in the toilet. For that we recommend that you clean your keyboard regularly with a special tool or keyboard cleaner using a wet rag.