1. in choosing your life partner, do not see from where they came from, but see where they will go.
  2. The problem comes and goes. When rested, life is going to be heavy, but when it goes live, it will be noticeably lighter, even lighter than the previous ones. And one property leave is called “experience”.
  3. People say, do not expect too much. But sometimes we have to expect much. When one hopes are gone, you still have other expectations.
  4. A friend is someone who understands your past, confident about your future.
  5. As I reflect on the morning, my mirror reflects the successful candidate’s face. The face of the optimistic and a winner. Is your mirror reflecting the same thing?
  6. Sometimes the best lessons about life, coming as the worst conditions in your life.
  7. God gave the problem to us because he knows it is the most powerful way to make us become stronger
  8. Today, we can’t change the past.  But today we may change tomorrow.
  9. When Isaac Newton saw the Apple fall, he learned the sense of gravity. When we fall, we learn the meaning of life.